Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A good day

First of all: Go to my sis in law's blog for a sweet giveaway! This girl is awesome. And that sweet child of her's is my favorite.

A good day starts with the Warblers from Glee on the Today Show. Have I mentioned that I love the Today Show? Seriously. Does that make me an adult? I don't even care. Then I almost bought all of Jill's Steals and Deals. But I stopped when I remembered that I'm on this thing called a budget. Boo. And then I made a pot of coffee and some breakfast. This is one reason I love days off. Because I love breakfast. And I always cook a good one when I'm home.

Check this out. This is from my leftover fajitas from Chili's the other night.
Just add an egg and you get breakfast burritos! Yummy!

Then I debated going to the gym. And I picked doing my nails instead. Good choice. I also booked a weekend mini trip for me and the hub. Win!

Next I met up with my friend Stephanie for lunch. We went to the hotdog place across the street and it was gooooood. Next door was this cute store. With random cute stuff. Like soap and baby stuff. 
Onesies in mason jars! 

Then we had to do some walking since I skipped the gym and ate a hotdog for lunch. The cupcake store finally got a sign! I resisted the urge to go in and congratulate them with a purchase.
I love you, cupcake store.

We also found a used bookstore where a little girl followed us around and chatted us up while we shopped. She had on a crown, red sparkly shoes (Holla to Dorothy!), and one of those horses on a stick that she was riding around on. I wanted to take a picture of her but it is generally frowned upon to take a picture of a child you don't know and post it online.
I love books as well.
Love this cross in front of a church that we walked by. Gorgeous.
Happy Easter!

I risked large bumblebees to get this shot. Appreciate it.

Steph and I. Because I made her take a pic with me.

Love my bag, ps.

And now I'm going to cook some meatloaf and mashed potatoes for my man. Because that is what men eat. And that is what a good housewife cooks. (Ha.)

I love relaxing, happy days. And I love spring. And Easter. And Jesus. And meatloaf.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What an awesome day! Even though I prefer the early show, love this post!!