Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend in Charlotte: delicious.

Sometimes you need to get away. And go anywhere that isn't here, wherever that is for you. For me, it's Tennessee. Don't get me wrong, this lovely state is growing on me. But after a few months of soaking up some good Tennessee livin', I begged Caleb to take me somewhere. Preferably the beach, Hawaii, Chicago, a cruise, somewhere tropical. Many options. But we do have this thing called work. And student loans. And car payments. So we landed on a weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is about three and a half hours from Kingsport. And it was wonderful.

We left Friday night and listened to some Harry Potter on the way down. Good start to the weekend. Slept in till 7 on Saturday morning (which is sleeping in for us, so sad) and explored Charlotte. First up, the beautiful South Park Mall. Full of designer stores and beautiful things.

I've never actually bought anything at any of these stores.

A beautiful kitchen store...
I'm so happy because I'm surrounded by kitchen goodness.

We did buy something at the gorgeous mall: a graduation gift for Jordan. But I can't post a pic of it in case he reads this blog, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't. But don't worry Jordan, we got  you a sweet gift.

Next, Caleb made the mistake of saying that we could do whatever I wanted to do for the whole day. Did I mention that I have an awesome husband? We drove around the downtown for awhile, ate some Panera, enjoyed being in a different state. Then we decided to go to a vineyard and do a wine tasting. North Carolina has all the billboards about how awesome their wineries are, so we take them up.

And come to find out, $7 buys you a wine tasting of 13 different kinds of wine, plus chocolate and crackers, and the glass you drank the wine out of. Bring it.
I suggested that we buy some wine for my wine loving sister in law, Audrey. Caleb said that would be mean because she is preggers. True fact.

Shopping, wine...this day keeps getting better and better. On to mall #2, Concord Mills outlet. Packed with people and reminiscent of the creepy Great Mall of the Great Plains (in Olathe...and isn't it creepy?) we were hesitant. But not disappointed.

A giant sign with Kobe Bryant...don't do it, Kobe. Don't do it.
A Lexus with an awesome vanity plate...yes Lexus owner, you are blessed.
And an AMC...we miss you, AMC.

And we found a boot store. And I had to buy some boots. Because a good Tennessee girl should have some boots, right?
So many boots.

Then we feasted on Red Lobster. Which I've had like twice in my life. Those cheddar biscuits are freaking good. Like so so good. Like I think I could go there and just eat the biscuits. The lobster was incredible as well. But no pics because we didn't want to look obnoxious, which usually doesn't stop us.

Last but not least, photo shoot for you.

We came back this afternoon. The drive is amazingly beautiful with mountains, pictures really don't do it justice. We missed our families and Westside Church, since it is Easter and all. But we had a beautiful weekend.

Caleb's Easter basket, which I try to make as awesome as the Easter baskets my mom used to make. Because they were always amazing!
And I feel the good kind of refreshed you should feel after vacation, even if it was just two days. Happy Easter everyone!

Awesome link to my favorite Easter video ever: That's My King. Pretty much sums it up!


  1. My connection to Puerto Rico was in Charlotte! I misssss you. Sounds like a great weekend. Lots of love.

  2. Kitchen stores make my day too! And I love your boots!

  3. I love peeking in your sweet lil life you& Caleb have! Glad you all had a fab Easter!!!

  4. hey, i drink a tiny glass of wine once in awhile...but you probably shun that sort of thing. the europeans do it and so will i.

    looks like you guys had fun! we missed you two so's just not the same without your beautiful faces!