Monday, April 11, 2011

State of the House: Project Kitchen

I just had a seriously beautiful weekend. Five wonderful days off in a row. What kind of crazy job do I have that gives me that many days off in a row? Oh, that's right, one where I wipe up poop and push drugs. Regardless, it has been pretty awesome. I spent a lot of time sleeping and cleaning and hanging out with my hub. We went to see "Arthur" on Saturday night and it was super cute. Funny and sweet. Also I just like Russell Brand. And dates with my husband. But I have no picture documentation of it. Because of this annoying thing with my camera. Here is the story. Last week, I got my camera out and noticed all these dust specks when I looked through the viewfinder. Super annoying. I took everything apart and noted that the filters were super dusty. I tried to clean them, it didn't work. I went and bought new filters, thinking the problem was fixed. I took the camera out again, noting that some of the dust specks were still there. I knew that it wasn't on the lens or the filters or anything. So I the lens off and saw the dust specks in the camera! Booo. I took it to the camera store and demanded they get the dust out. The camera store man said that you shouldn't touch anything in there and asked me if the dust was affecting my pictures. I said maybe. (Ok so I didn't really know because I stopped taking pictures after I noticed the dust.) He took some pictures and said that the pictures were fine and explained this whole mechanism to me about the reflection and the dust not affecting the pictures, ect ect. I asked him to please get that dust out, that I can't take pictures when I have to look at dust. He said no. He told me that I was under no circumstance to try and clean anything on the inside of the camera, that they normally get dust in them from being outside and switching lenses and stuff. He said maybe I should concentrate on what I'm taking pictures of instead of the dust.

So I tried to take a bunch of pics today to try and prove to myself that the pictures are find. And they really are.

It really is spring! You can see green things!
Things from my kitchen this morning:
1. A flower from a patient who claimed she was a pain in the butt. She was.
2. What my hub wrote on the white board this am. We love you Rebecca Black. And your horrible, horrible song.
3. My breakfast. Egg, bacon, spinach, on toast. Yum.

Happy Monday!

Anyway, moving on. I did some serious spring cleaning in an effort to revive my State of the House resolution. The kitchen got some major cleaning and serious reorganization. I really hate when the kitchen is messy/dirty and part of my project is making sure it stays this way. I took all my large platters that were taking up space and put them above the shelves. I took all the small appliances that were clutter the counters and put them on the top shelf of the pantry behind the cereal, which was now clear from the large platters. Win win. Win.

I even reorganized the pantry.
Unfortunately I have no before pictures. Because I was annoyed with the dusty camera. But trust me, it was pretty out of control. It is April and most of my house is reorganized and clutter free. Now is the really hard part, keeping it clean.  My April State of the House goals include the only frontier in the apartment not yet conquered: the bathrooms. And general maintenance of the rest of the house. I'm going to come up with some kind of plan for that...I'll get back with you.

I spend the afternoon walking around in the sun with my hilarious friend, Stephanie. The Kiewit girls have to stick together! I have a sunburn to show for it and I love it. I missed you, Sun.

I hope you are having a beautiful Monday and a start to a wonderful week! Any tips for getting the dust out of my camera without touching it or blowing on it (which the camera guy also said was prohibited) would be much appreciated...

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