Friday, April 8, 2011

Some delightful links for your Friday

This is a quickie post for you. I am spring cleaning today. Yes, you heard it right. Pictures to come. After the month of March, things were a disaster. It was really really bad. But I am making it right. State of the House project will continue to move forward.

Link #1: For the love of all that is good, someone please buy me these. And buy them for yourself while you are at it. My floors and my time management skills need these. Cleaning slippers

Link #2: In case you are the only person in America who hasn't heard of Rebecca Black, in honor of Friday, treat yourself to this song.

Link #3: After watching Rebecca's stellar video, watch the Colbert/Fallon remake. Play this for your man when he gets home from work and your weekend will be off to a great start. I'm doing it.

Link #4: Treat yourself to some Mary Kay products from my momma.

Link #5: Spring clean your house with me!

Link #6: Make some yummy food this weekend.

Have a good weekend! Spring clean update photos will be posted soon!

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